Photographic Galleries

The Photographic Galleries

Photographs of Nova Scotia

This photographic gallery features breathtaking landscape photographs of the maritime province, Nova Scotia, Canada. Featuring photos of the landmarks and locations that help define the East Coast character of the region.

Rural Ruins of the Georgian Triangle 

A thematic collection of abandoned and beautifully decaying architecture from the Georgian Triangle region. These stark black and white photos are my attempt to show the rampant change that time has wrought on the rural landscape. The farms and wide open spaces north of Toronto are slowly dying, and I sought to capture the remnants of a different time before it is gone forever. 

Military Photography

Photographs from my early career and participation in the war in Afghanistan. My participation began with the Royal Canadian Navy and later with Canada’s Special Operations Forces (CANSOF). I am honoured to have served and captured the hard work of our outstanding soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Experimental Photography

Some of my images don’t fit in to particular categories. Usually this is becasue I am attempting to learn a new technique or further develop a particular skill of mine. The photographs in this gallery are a mix of styles and techniques as I continue to learn and develop my photographic skills set.

About My Photographic Galleries

My photographic galleries represent an ever growing body of work. I like to explore themes as I grow comfortable with particular styles of photography. The world is full of subjects worthy of documentation, and I try in each gallery to explore a theme and find them. As well, constant experimentation and exploration of techniques is critical to my journey. If there were nothing left to learn I would find photography a dull pursuit, and so refuse to “settle in” to a particular style of photography. In simple terms, I bore easy.