Canadian Landscape Photography

Canadian Landscape Photography

Canadian Landscape Photography is my true passion. Most of my photographs are of the maritime area and it’s pretty seascapes.  This is because I love the beauty of Nova Scotia and take many photos of this area. However, I have also lived and traveled through Ontario and Quebec and some of these photographs can be found in my collections. Most days I can be found chasing the sun, and finding special places that reflect the Canadian landscape. As a result, I am proud to present my best Canadian Landscape Photography below. If  you like them, please consider buying prints of some of these photographs.

About My Photographs

For those interested I though I would share a bit about my process and how I shoot. The great Ansel Adams spoke a great deal about visualization in his work. He emphasized the importance of seeing in your minds eye what the final image would like. As I have gotten older I try and focus on this essential element of photography. As well I work very hard to plan my shoots. I do not believe that you can simply show up to a location and get the shot (unless you are very lucky). So, I make sure to plan and use a number of apps on my smartphone to prep for a shoot.

Secondly, let’s talk about gear. I am a Canon photographer, however I shot Nikon in my military days, so I am comfortable on both platforms.  My camera of choice at the moment is a Canon 5D S/R and my favorite lenses are my Mark II 24-70mm. I use Neutral Density filters and graduated filters in my photographs as well as amazing color polarized Cokin filters.

Finally, when processing,  I admit a fair bit of editing takes place in my photographs I still try and use classic photography tools. I do use some HDR elements, and also will shoot multiple photos to create panoramas. Hoover most of my editing is restricted to Lightroom software. I believe that the photographic masters spent hours in the darkroom ensuring the quality of their photographic prints. So, it stands to reason that the modern photographer should do the same.