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About My Canadian Military Photography

My Canadian Military Photography career began when I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1998. It was then that I began my career as an Imagery Technician. It would prove to be a tremendously rewarding. Currently I don’t take pictures for work much anymore, as I am a a desk jockey now. I truly miss capturing the hard work of Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen at home and abroad.

My Military Career

I had the good fortune to begin my career in Halifax, sailing with the Royal Canadian Navy. Much of these images come from that time. I worked on the base as a journeyman photographer. Eventually however I had the privilege to sail with the Navy and sail we did. I have travelled all over the world with them. Regrettably though I was young and inexperienced so not many of the images I took ashore make the cut today. I am very proud of my aerial photography however. There may be no more satisfying an experience than hanging out of a helicopter’s open door as we flew by our proud Canadian ships sailing in formation. I miss it terribly.

After Halifax, I taught briefly at the Imagery School in Borden Ontario. From there I was recruited into Canada’s Special Operations Forces (CANSOF). This part of my career remains my most rewarding and important work. I have selected a few images from that time. Most of my photographs however were for operations and intelligence rather than beauty. To have served with the finest soldiers Canada has to offer was truly an honour and a privilege.

My Desk Jobs

I begrudgingly left CANSOF in 2010 and took my first of many desk jobs, working as the Senior Training Designer at the Imagery School in Borden. It was a perfect transition for me and I was able to immerse myself in the study and theory of digital photography. It is here that I developed my expertise as I studied and drafted a 500 page training manual for our students. I have a passion for teaching and truly enjoyed the few occasions I got in the classroom with the students. 

Today I am the Formation Imaging Services Officer, which is to say I am the head of the Eastern Canada’s Naval Imagery Section. I take great pleasure learning and sharing photographic knowledge with this new generation. It is so satisfying to see them grow as photographers and exceed me in capacity and capability as journeyman photographers. They are better now than I ever was then and I am so proud of them. 

Most of my recent work is landscape photography and you can see more of that work here.