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About Experimental Photography

Experimental photography means simply my continuing study of photographic techniques. Experimenting with techniques and processes are the reason I take many of my photos. These images inform my landscape photography and help me put into practice the techniques I have studied and learned. Sometimes the results are terrible, but once in a while I do manage to get an image I am fond of. While not my stock and trade, these images are the ones that I just had to include on my website.

Studying the Main Ingredient

Light is the fundamental ingredient of photography. In essence our art form is the act of putting light in a box. As a result, I spend a great deal of time examining it, refining my control of it, and finding better ways of capturing it. I believe refining this skill is a process of experimentation and exploration. Study followed by experimentation is the best way to develop a skill.

So, these images are those that reflect my journey, and the photos that mark the key moments in my development.Ultimately the results inform my landscapes and make me a better all round photographer. Macro photography, to long shutter drags, night photography, and complex lighting, this hodge-podge is a selection of the better work I have captured along the way.