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About Nova Scotia

In this collection of Nova Scotia photographs, I try to capture the richness of the maritime environment. There is a natural beauty to this province. Initially the visitor is taken aback by the history of this place, the echoes of a generation only slightly removed. Today, it’s capital Halifax is a bustling international shipping port and tourist destination. It is also home to Canada’s Royal Canadian Navy base CFB Halifax. But once upon a time it was home to privateers who attacked merchant vessels during the War of 1812. This contrast between the old and the new makes Nova Scotia a stunning part of the world to live in and visit. 

My Photos

This is a very photographed part of the world. With that said, there is a reason for this. Firstly this is one of the most picturesque and scenic parts of the world. Full of rich color, quaint fishing communities, and endless seascapes, this region is a photographers paradise. In contrast it’s winters are stark and bitterly cold. In my images I try and capture that duality and show this area from a classic approach with modern tools. 


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