Rural Ruins of the Georgian Triangle

About Rural Ruins of the Georgian Triangle

The Georgian Triangle is the name of a geographic region in Southern Ontario containing the counties surrounding Georgian Bay, mostly Nottawasaga Bay, in particular. The main urban centers in the region are Collingwood, Owen Sound, and situated on Lake Simcoe, Barrie. This region is slowly being engulfed by the modern industrialization of Toronto and it’s ever expanding suburbs. As a result this largely rural region is slowly disappearing. I had just finished reading the Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, and saw many parallels between the book and the countryside that surrounded me. As a result I tried to capture the ruins of this fading farm culture. 

Modern Era

Across the Ontario landscape the effects of the information age are apparent. From wind farms to cell towers, our landscape evolves. The machinations of modernity dot the landscape and have slowly become second nature to our social consciousness. The culture industry has stamped it’s standard vinyl home into our communities. Each available in one of 32 flavors that pretend at individualism. This is our made to order world where everything is the same but different. In it’s wake are left the artifacts and relics of our predecessors.

This collection of black and white photographs is a love letter to a different time. A time when each structure that dotted the landscape reflected the character and individualism of its owner, builder, and community. While most are abandoned, those that remain are slowly fading. In these photographs I have tried to capture, one last time, the beauty of these buildings before they succumb to the elements of the hand of man. To show them at their best before they are replaced by buildings from a catalogue, and we are left only with a landscape without character.

Many of these images are available as prints here.