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Rural Ruins of the Georgian Triangle

Across the Ontario landscape the effects of industrialization and the modern era are apparent. In it's wake are left the artefacts and relics of our predecessors. This collection is a love letter to a different time.

Canadian Landscape Photography

My travels have taken me across Canada and around the world. Many early mornings and late afternoons have found me chasing the sun, finding special places that reflect the unique qualities that define a part of the world. Canada in particular provides a tapestry of unique environments that beg to be imaged. I hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favourite places.


I truly love capturing images of people. Naturally my children, family and friends are frequent subjects. I do not consider myself a portrait photographer, but I attempt where I can to capture people in their best light. Portraiture and candid photography alike, the character that defines each of us is fascinating to me. In these images I sought to create a fleeting moment that captured the life that I have had the privilege to find before my lens.


Light is the fundamental ingredient of photography. In essence our art form is the act of catching light in a box. Refining this skill is a process of experimentation and exploration. These images are those that reflect my journey, and the photos that mark the key moments in my development.

Digital Compositing

Digital compositing work and retouching using tools like Photoshop was one of my first loves in the world of imagery. Early in my career it defined me and my work. An artist as a child, the software has given me the freedom to express myself in limitless ways. This gallery is a selection of work I have done over many years honing my skills and craft.

Military Photography of Shawn M. Kent

I have served in the Canadian Forces as an Imagery Technician for over 17 years. My work has told the stories of sailors, soldiers and airmen. I have had the privileged to serve on multiple tours with the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Special Operations Forces. In these images I sought to capture the courage, humour, and indomitable fighting spirit that characterizes our Canadian Armed Forces.