Welcome to the home of Canadian Photographer Shawn M. Kent. Shawn currently lives in Nova Scotia Canada, and continues to make his living capturing light in a box. A gifted artist and cartoonist in his youth, he often sketched and rendered the world around him. But, after joining the Canadian Forces in 1998, Shawn gave up the pens, pencils and paints and became a photographer. Joining the Canadian Armed Forces as an Imagery Technician, his art took a new form. Shawn spent the next 15 years traveling the world and capturing the stories of soldiers, sailors and airmen. Currently, Shawn resides in Nova Scotia Canada where he works for the Royal Canadian Navy. The beautiful scenery and landscapes of Canada and Nova Scotia are now his focus.

Military Photography

Starting his career in the late nineties, he rapidly became an award winning military photographer. In fact, his work can still be seen regularly in Canadian Media. Shawn documented Canada’s Naval contribution to Operation Apollo, sailed as part of NATO, served 7 years with Canada’s Special Forces, and finally worked as head of the Imagery School in Borden, Ontario. In addition, many of his photographs now hang in the Canadian War Museum, are regularly featured in galleries, and have been published in numerous books about Canada’s War in Afghanistan. His photographs are testament to the remarkable work of Canada’s military.

Presently, he is still a proud member of the Royal Canadian Navy, and works as the head of the Royal Canadian Navy’s maritime imagery section. Shawn is passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to the new generation of military photographers. Finally, he works hard to promote the new generation of military photographers, you can see their remarkable work on the Royal Canadian Navy Flickr Page

Canadian Landscape Photography

Because Shawn doesn’t take pictures at work anymore, he uses his own time to take landscpae photographs. He has built a reputation for his colorful photography of Canadian landscapes and famous landmarks. While most of his landscape photographs are bright in colour. “Rural Ruins of the Georgian Triangle” offers a stark contrast to his colorful work displaying the damaging effect of industrialization on the Ontario landscape

Buying Prints

Finally, customers can buy top quality Fine Art Prints or download the original files at full res for printing here.